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Art for God - First Place in Jewelry

Art for God - First Place in Jewelry

Stonehaven Jewelry Gallery announced today that Ron Lodholz has been awarded top honors in the Art for God competition, receiving First Place in the Jewelry category.

ART for GOD is a Contemporary Christian Art competition with a huge responsibility, spreading the story of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This art shows Jesus as divine and human, laughing, fearless, merciful, powerful, and full of God’s Love and Joy! The National Christian Art Competition is serving Christian artists from around the world.

“God gave me Exodus 31 in a rough time and this is the first design after receiving that gift of scripture.” - Ron Lodholz

“The entire necklace shows Christ’s ongoing work of salvation. As a shepherd’s staff reaches down into the swirl of humanity to bring a lost soul to God. The center stone, peitersite, is a unusual natural stone that is comprised of three distinctly different minerals (trinity). The tree on the back represents the tree in the garden, by which we were lost. The pivotal cross on the front is the “tree” by which we were found. On the right are souls via Christ entering the presence of God. This necklace is entirely hand fabricated.”